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The museum aims to present two narratives to the visitor.  The first is a chronological journey through classic Science-Fiction from H.G. Wells to the present.  The second is a story-by-story exploration of the classic years of Doctor Who, following the adventures of the first seven Doctors.  Both collections are displayed in meticulous detail using original, screen-used or production made props, costumes and published artwork.   The floorplan below will help give you an idea of what is in store for you...however it is very much a 'broad-stroke' summary: the museum is filled with many surprises... 

Featuring an eclectic collection of original items from over 80 years of SF film and art.  Chronologically presented, the exhibits describe a narrative of the genre exploring key titles and themes. Included are special displays that represent some of the most beloved SF franchises such as, Alien, Star Wars and Star Trek.  The museum journey begins with H.G. Wells and takes in many noted SF pioneers such as Frank Herbert and Robert Heinlein, each represented by a prop, costume or artwork from an adaptation of their work.  And if that wasn't enough, museum creator/curator Neil Cole grew up on a heady brew of late night SF movies, classic Saturday tea-time Doctor Who and an ever increasing pile of Marvel Comics!  The influence of the comic book is represented by a fascinating display of items from the many incarnations of Marvel on screen, including original props from the MCU and surviving hand drawn animation cels and background artwork. 

The museum's classic era Doctor Who section takes visitors on a chronological history of the original incarnation of the iconic british science-fiction series.  Museum creator/curator Neil Cole has spent nearly thirty years preserving - and where necessary restoring  - fragile relics from the early days of Doctor Who. With The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi, Neil has finally been able to put all his dedicated hard work into a context and share this important collection to fellow fans.  The earliest items in the museum date back to the 1960's with William Hartnell's irascible First Doctor and include some fascinating original scripts from the era. Neil's passion has always been for the show's array of monsters and the museum will not disappoint fellow lovers of Doctor Who's alien adversaries!  Complete and (where necessary) painstakingly restored classic monsters await your visit.  Many of these exhibits were previously displayed at BBC exhibitions over some forty years - Neil is proud to be able to present them again to the public - fully repaired and ready to menace The Doctor once more!

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