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'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi'
Appearances on Television and in Media

'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi' - and my work creating it - has formed the basis of several television and media programmes, interviews and articles.  On this page I have tried to bring together a library of links to enable both dedicated museum followers and those just passing through with an audio-visual history of the museum on televsion, radio, YouTube, podcast and beyond...  Please support the museum by subscribing to our YouTube channel - where much of this material (and more!) can be found:



NETFLIX 'Amazing Interiors' Episode 3

Filmed over a six month period, detailing the mid-stage of creating the museum.  The museum forms the major segment of this episode of the series where individuals transform their homes into something daring and unexpected!  A major coup for the fledling museum project at the time and helped put us on the map!   To view the episode you will need a NETFLX subscription.  Click the link below and select 'Episode 3'!

BBC 'Look North' article August 18th 2018

'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi' is only weeks away from opening....building is well underway when BBC's Colin Briggs (yes fellow Who of Nick) visits...

Neil Cole & John Levene - Tyne Tees Oct 19th 2018

The night before the big opening in 2018....popular seventies 'Doctor Who' companion John Levene arrives at the museum....a nice little piece from the evening news on ITV! 

Paul Ross Radio Show with Neil Cole -  January 2019

Presenter Paul Ross interviews Neil Cole (creator & curator of 'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi- Allendale, Northumberland, UK). Paul & Neil discuss the creation of the bespoke museum, renovating the Grade 2 listed building it is housed in and the 'Dalek' that Northumberland County Council are trying hard to get exterminated!!!!

BBC's Alfie Joey visits the 'Museum of Classic Sci-Fi'

The BBC's Alfie Joey visits 'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi' to meet creator/curator Neil Cole and the incredible band of Dalek Building supporters who are campaigning to save the museum's Dalek! Includes special film accompanying the radio broadcast!

ITV's Amy Lea at 'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi'     Tyne Tees News - 4th March

Reporter Amy Lea from ITV visits the museum, talks about the positive impact it has made and goes 'Dalek Hunting'!!! A beautiful little film that also outlines our continuing (absurd) fight with the Northumberland County Council Planning Department!!!

BBC 'Look North' - 13th August 2019

Mark Denton and BBC Look North spent the day with Neil Cole, following him to the Planning Committee Meeting with Northumberland County decide upon the fate of the 'Allendalek'... Broadcast August 13th-2019.

Neil Cole on Lauren Laverne's 'Radio 6 Museum' - Interview - Thursday 22 july 2021

Neil Cole talks to Gemma Cairney on Lauren Laverne's Radio 6 Breakfast show. Neil was invited to add an artefact to the show's new 'Radio 6 Museum'....and the object he chose was the wonderful 'Terileptil' from the 1982 episode of classic 'Doctor Who' - 'The Visitation'. Neil restored this incredible costume over a three year period and it now can be seen all year round in Northumberland's: 'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi'. 

Reeltime Pictures Original DVD Releases:  
'Lockdown' & 'Doctor on Display'

Between 2019 and 2021 two documentaries were developed and made by Producer Keith Barnfather and his independent film company 'Reeltime Pictures' - famed for their in depth documenting of the history of 'Doctor Who'.  Whilst both were extensively filmed at the 'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi', the second title 'Doctor on Display: Vol 1' actually told the full story of the museum in far greater depth than the previous NETFLIX documentary allowed.  Its a fantastic statement and history of the museum, artfully directed by Roger Stevens and presented by long term friend of the museum Sophie Aldred.   The first title 'Lockdown' (also presented by Sophie) is a look at how fans tapped into their passion for 'Doctor Who' to help hold their morale during the COVID pandemic.  'Lockdown' went on to garner multiple awards.  


Both title can be ordered here via the Reeltime Pictures website:,innovative%2C%20exciting%20and%20stunning%20extravaganzas!

The Wicker Dalek - YouTube Short

A short film celebrating the burning of the giant 'Allendale - wolf -Dalek' at this year's wolf burning ceremony in Allendale, Northumberland. This little video is a huge thank you to the wolf creators who chose to support the museum by incorporating the 'Allendalek' into the ceremony and to commemorate a dramatic year for our fledgling enterprise! I couldn't help but see parallels with a certain other 'Wicker' themed movie.....

Alan Robson interviewing Neil Cole
'Ghost Hunt Live' - August 19th 2021

Excerpt from the live broadcast featuring legendary North Eastern Presenter Alan Robson - filmed at Allendale's own 'Museum of Classic Sci-Fi' . I've put up this segment as it concerns the museum content as opposed the full Ghost Hunt...however...for those of you with a paranormal interest(!) - the full broadcast programme can be found here:

Tim Hogarth meeting Neil Cole
'Dickinson's Real Deal' - July 30th 2022

On waking one quiet Saturday morning....who was at the door....but Tim Hogarth(!) wanting to make a short insert film for an upcoming episode of 'Dickinson's Real Deal' (of course!)!  Tim had just purchased a 1970's Palitoy Dalek and wanted to film a suitably themed 'Dalek' insert film to accompany his purchase on the show!  Tim and his daughter were charming and had a look round the museum!

The Dalek Shed Debacle...
'Have I Got News For You' - June 11th 2019

Okay....imagine the total shock when 'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi' and its offending small Dalek enclosure gets a mention in the 'Odd one Out' round on 'Have I Got News For You'!!!! Yes...really....and to be clear.....the shed pictured is NOT our lovely little Dalek House...see picture below right to see what the offending Dalek shed actually looked was NOT the one that appeared in the episode!  

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