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Over 200 original props, costumes & artworks from classic SF film & television!

iron man in frame.png

An important part of museum creator Neil Cole's early life was reading comics and in particular MARVEL COMICS!  The museum is proud to be able to present a variety of costumes and props from the various cinematic adaptations of the iconic comic strips.  In addition, several original hand painted animation cels can also be seen from such Saturday morning cartoons as 'Iron Man', 'The Fantastic Four' and 'The X-Men'. 

davros in frame.png
weevil in rectangle no glow.png

In addition to the incredible array of props and costumes on display, the museum also features beautiful hand painted, original published artworks by art luminaries such as Andrew Skilleter, Colin Howard & Pete Wallbank (famed for their association with classic 'Doctor Who').  Also on display are examples of original comic art, production designs, storyboards and scripts.    

Over many years, museum creator/curator Neil Cole has painstakingly preserved, & where necessary restored, the items in the collection.  Every exhibit has been meticulously researched and placed onto a bespoke display stand crafted by Neil.  The museum's  mission is the conservation of these unique exhibits from popular culture, ensuring they survive for future generations & are accessible all year round for fans of the genre to visit.  

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