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By donating to the museum and becoming a patron you can recieve a plethora of exciting, exclusive benefits that includes free entry!

All Patrons donating £3.50 or more per month receive a free printable PDF of The Museum Archive Magazine and those donating £7.00 or more per month also receive a free high quality printed copy posted to them.  Released approximately every two months, this beautifully presented and diligently researched magazine is steadily building into two fascinating part-works (classic Science-Fiction and classic era 'Doctor Who').  Each issue takes an in depth look at an exhibit in the museum allowing the object itself to tell it's story.  This is sure to build into a very different account of the histories of both classic SF and Doctor Who, told with a new and fresh approach.  Issues switch each release between an SF history and Doctor Who exhibit as the focus. 

By becoming a patron you will be making a much valued contribution - keeping the museum running and supporting the conservation work we do.  'The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi' is very much a not-for-profit, family run, small museum - dedicated to preserve and make accessible unique pieces of our shared cultural history (including some details of SF history often overlooked by larger establishments).  Our aim is to be a friendly place for fans of the genre to  be able to visit all year round and experience first-hand, classic science-fiction history!

By becoming patron, your donation goes directly into helping Neil run the museum and work on new exciting conservation projects that will be steadily added into the displays.  There are many benefits that come with being a patron including free entry, exclusive publications, bonus podcast content and exclusive offers.  So, if you would like to help support the museum please head over to the museum 'Patreon' page to see our various donation/subscription offers- all very affordably priced!   

All museum patrons receive an exclusive metal badge stating their Patreon you progress upwards in tiers you also receive all the badges of the tiers below your level!

If you subscribe to one of the higher Patreon tiers, your membership will include a bespoke, hand drawn, unique artwork by Neil.  As part of the £15 per month package, Neil will draw you a beautiful, meticulously detailed pen drawing of a creature or robot of your choice (like the Sea Devil and 'Thing' above).  For anyone pledging more, Neil will draw a stunning full colour art work for you- painstakingly rendered in his unique coloured pencil styling.  To see more of what Neil might be able to produce for you click on the page here: 

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