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Building work has commenced transforming the cellar of a Georgian townhouse into the North-East of England's first permanent science-fiction museum.  The exterior above comprises two main doors either side of a set of stone steps.  As the property is listed, care has had to be given to ensure key historic features are preserved.  At present, work is taking place inside: read on for more...

The first step was to remove existing partition walls and doors to clear the way for what will become the first two gallery spaces (above). And the ceiling needed to be demolished!  All work observed by a half complete 'Zygon Overseer'...

Next up was the painstaking (and very slow!) job of removing the old lime-mortar and lime-wash, to restore the stonework ready for re-pointing.  During this process, some lovely features were discovered (like the archway into the second room: above right). There is a lot more to do, but having now cleared the space and begun to restore it to its former glory, I've finally been able to produce a working floor plan.  This will change as work continues, but will give you a basic idea of what to expect when you make a visit!

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