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This page is here to celebrate and thank our museum patrons.  The museum is a passion project in the truest sense - devoted to the preservation of objects that would have otherwise quite literally deteriorated into nothing.   We are fundamentally a 'not for profit' project and depend upon our own unpaid hard work, donations and an entrance fee (the latter we reluctantly have to ask for, as unlike many larger museums we receive no funding from Government and Art Councils).  We decided to launch on 'Patreon' as some of our regular visitors had asked about season tickets.  Patreon offered us a way of not only offering a range of free entry tickets, but also far, far more to reward dedicated supporters! By becoming a patron the museum can offer you a plethora of online exclusive content, collectable printable archives, virtual tours and even original artwork by Neil!    If you feel like you would like to support the museum then please go to the link below  and see what exciting and exclusive membership benefits await!

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George THE Klingon  -   Julie Whitfield:  In Memory of David Boyle   -  Helen Bennett  -   Sue Chant

Terry Cooper

Janet Black  -   Chris McCarthy  -  Dennis Hall   -  Connor Pape  -   Mark Pattison  -  Paul Simms

Sean Woodley McDonald  -  Sir Richard Dunsmore  -  Andrew Turnbull  -  John Shepherd   -   Rosie McMillan

-  Emma Lydon  -  

Peter Eccleston     Greg Campbell    Marty Fairgrieve    Julie Garrett

Museum Supporters etc Our museum patrons

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