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The museum is situated in the ground-floor cellar of a Grade II listed, Georgian townhouse. Following five years of painstaking restoration to this historic building by Neil, his family & friends; 'Osborne House' can now be accessed by the public for the first time in over fifty years.  


The space has been carefully designed to house the historic museum collection. Neil always had a very specific visual idea of what the completed museum should pay tribute to: the original 'Doctor Who Blackpool Museum' that he visited as a child in 1975.  To this end, he designed a moodily lit sequence of 'corridors' to take the visitor on a journey through the Georgian cellar space & into the realm of science-fiction & 'Doctor Who'...

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A collection of original, production used pieces from history of Marvel on the cinema screen including a partial'Thor' costume worn by Chris Hemsworth!

Rare, original pieces from the Star Wars saga. Some of the most difficult items to collect, we are pleased to be able to present a small selection of SW artefacts in the museum!

The museum starts with 'The father of Science-Ficton'. A display including published artwork & even a complete screen-used Morlock from 'The Time Machine'!

The era of 'Flash Gordon' & 'Buck Rogers' ...see an original helmet dating back to 1940 from 'Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe'... Also displayed here is an original costume from 'Starship Troopers' and 'Dune' ...beginning to look at some of the founding authors of the genre.

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Featuring a beautifully restored alien head from the 2009 Star Trek movie and including an original LCARS panel from the Enterprise!  More exciting new items from Star Trek will be going on display for summer 2020!

A comprehensive record of the final era of the classic Doctor Who series (1987 - 89).  Never previously exhibted items include a newly restored 'Chimeron' costume ('Delta & the Bannermen') and exposed 'Robot Clown' ('The Greatest Show in the Galaxy'). Newly arrived is a beautiful miniature from 'Time & the Rani'.

The museum features some stunning surviving pieces from the years 1984 - 86.  Here you can see the fully restored 'Cyberscout' beside an original 'Cryon' ('Attack of the Cybermen') and Martin Jarvis' signature 'Varosian Governor' costume alongside the original head made for Nabil Shaban's 'Sil' ('Vengeance on Varos')...and many more!

From the years 1981 - 84, see the only surviving 'Terilpetil' from the classic story 'The Visitation'; meticulously restored.  You will also find the massive 'Garm' from 'Terminus', 'Dalek Trooper' and many more fascinating original pieces. Some exciting new arrivals... coming soon!

A fascinating collection of surviving artefacts from the seminal adventures of the 4th Doctor (1974 -81) supported with beautiful published artwork by Andrew Skilleter.  Pieces you will encounter include the only surviving 'Galsec' rifle from 'The Sontaran Experiment' & even a 'Shrivenzale' foot!

Surviving pieces from this era are rare- but the museum is proud to be able to share some with you!  An original Exxillon head ('Death to the Daleks') and a 'Sea Devil' arm are part of the collection on display.

A collection of original production made and screen-used pieces from the ground-breaking ALIEN franchise.  Highlights include an 'Engineer' torso and head fresh from the set of 'Prometheus' and even the small Xenomorph head made for and worn by  a small dog for 'Alien 3'!