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A chronological journey through the many facets of the science-fiction genre; illustrated by a unique collection of original, screen-used props, costumes and artwork, spanning several decades.  See artefacts from some of the most popular sci-fi movies and television; in addition to some of the less well known, but influential...

The museum also houses one of the largest, private collections of production made, classic series Doctor Who props, costumes and artwork currently in the UK.  Meet screen-used monsters from the golden era of the show. Chart the history of the seminal classic series via production made artefacts and published, original artwork by legendary ‘Who’ artist Andrew Skilleter. Several high quality replicas by artist/curator Neil Cole, complete this section of the museum.

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Super-Powers: A collection of screen-used pieces from the world of popular comic-book adaptations. Original props and costume parts from the cinematic Marvel movie universe are presented alongside nostalgic hand-drawn animation cels from television series such as the animated ‘X-Men’, 'Iron Man' and ‘Fantastic Four’.

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